From Converging Lines

We abandoned the stealth with which we had started and urged our horses to pick up speed.  Swerving right then left around the wooden houses we headed towards the south.  Shouts could now be heard all around us and it was unclear which was the safest route to take.  If we could only get out…

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Prelude from Converging Lines

My name is Joseph Fourier but this is not my story. I am a mathematician by calling and I have lived a long and prosperous life largely in the service of the Emperor Napoleon. In order to understand more clearly what I am about to relate it is necessary to give you a little of…

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Writing a book is a daunting challenge.  Writing your first book is terrifying.  There are days when everything runs smoothly but equally, there are days – lots of them – when you feel that you will never be able to write another word.  Believe me – I’ve been there, convinced that I should just walk…

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