Living in rural France

Living in rural France makes for some fascinating times.  Between writing, building web sites and maintaining a large garden and orchard it is impossible to become bored.  First of all, I need to set the scene.  I live in a hamlet of 5 houses.  Typically for this region, 1 is unoccupied, 2 are used as holiday/weekend retreats by French families who have long ago moved to the cities, my wife and I live here full time and a formidable French lady, you may have read about who goes by the name of Maddo lives next door.  Like much of Europe, we have basked in the most glorious summer imaginable.  The vegetable garden and orchard which are across the road from the main house have to be watered by hand but I have kept this to a minimum concentrating on newly planted seedlings only and to be honest, little has suffered.  We have had bumper crops of tomatoes, courgettes, beans and squash and the onions and shallots were as good as ever.  The last few months have seen me creating websites for builders, insurance agents, chambres d’hôte, surveyors and a business offering 360 degree scans of buildings.  I have a second novel which I am trying to finish editing but that has to wait for things to quieten a little.  It has been a full and busy summer.

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