Freelance Web Design

Based in France but able to work for anyone, anywhere.  I pride myself on the production of effective, elegant, low cost web sites.

Mobile Ready. Modern Responsive Design.

Over 60% of web site traffic is from  mobile devices.  All of my websites are designed to respond to tablets and mobile phones and will pass the Google mobile-friendly test.  This means that they will obtain a higher index ranking from Google.


I like to keep my pricing simple. 

About Me

"Who wants to make contact with a total stranger without knowing a little about them? So - a little bit of my background.

In the UK, I taught and lectured in Computing and I.T. for 30 odd years. Along the way, I picked up a degree in Computer Systems and a Masters degree in Multimedia systems. My wife and I moved to Central Brittany in 2010.  

I have tried to make the process of creating a web site for your business as painless as possible. This means that I can keep the costs down.

I look forward to hearing from you."


You can contact me by telephone, email or if you prefer, use the contact form below.

Telephone:  0296 45 01 08



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